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The primary focus of a “Health & Safety Professional” is the prevention of incidents and injuries that may cause injuries or illness to people, or damage to property / equipment, or the environment.

Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1970 to assure safe and healthful working conditions for employees by setting and enforcing standards as well as providing training, outreach, education and assistance to organizations.

Safety professionals work alongside management to create and enforce policies that ensure compliance of OSHA regulations designed to create a safer and healthier workplace for its employees.

While OSHA remains the governmental regulatory agency, the responsibility of occupational safety and health of employees has evolved into an integral part of corporate culture.
Beyond the inherent dangers involved with skilled labor and construction, organizations are now recognizing the importance of protecting workers against, sickness, disease and other health hazards, including those brought on with the advent of new technologies.

Because of this, occupational safety and health professionals are needed within a variety industries including construction, healthcare, oil and gas, chemical plants, Mining & Metals, Power Plants, Coal Ash (CCR) and much more.

The successful “Safety Professional” of the 21st Century is employs a variety of methods, techniques and principles drawn from  engineering, education, psychology, physiology, enforcement, hygiene, health, physics, and management, what is now called “Safety Science” to help prevent accidents, incidents, injuries and other events that could cause harm to people, property or the environment.

A number of surveys report that job satisfaction in the safety field is high. Typically, 90% of respondents say they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their careers in safety. The reasons often include work differing each day and being able to contribute to the welfare of others.
A career as a “Health & Safety Professional” can also prove to be very financially rewarding.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median pay for occupational safety and health specialists was approximately $70,210 annually.

If you are interested in beginning a career as a “Health & Safety Professional, then contacting the Valericela Safety Academy is your best first step.   At Valericela we offers the most comprehensive and thorough safety professional training program available today.

Our Valericela Programs are more thorough then the traditional university courses and we deliver better, faster results that will better prepare you in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. 
Our programs have been created by true Health & Safety (Safety) Professionals with years of experience in a variety of industries at various levels that include Construction, Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining & Metals, Chemical Plants, Manufacturing, Transportation and more in an OSHA and MSHA environment.

We combine numerous ways of delivering information from live classroom settings, to online learning, to home study, to our “Exclusive Valericela Virtual Classes” and more.
Our courses will arm you with the knowledge you will need to become a successful “Health & Safety Professional".  At Valericela,  we've taken our collective experience and created our own homegrown and proprietary method of training that makes learning fun and easy and helps to maximize comprehension.

Unlike those “Big Dollar” University Programs that take years to complete and require you to then seek field experience of two years or more before you can be an effective “Health and Safety Professional|, Valericela prepares our attendees to be able to hit the ground running from the moment they successfully complete our program immediately and perform at higher level than those fresh out of the University Programs.

At Valericela, we train our attendees about much more than just the OSHA regulations.   Valericela provides training in critical areas of the day to day functions of a "Health & Safety Professional" that you will not get from any of the so called traditional “Big Dollar” University Programs.

Attendees of our "Valericela Health & Safety Professional Training will:
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Learn how to conduct effective Job Hazard Assessment (Risk Assessments)
  • Learn how to conduct effective and meaningful Safety Audits and inspections
  • Learn how to produce reports that include man hours and incident frequency rates
  • Learn Basic Computer Skills required of Health & Safety Professionals
  • Learn how to conduct meaningful and effective Safety Meetings
  • Learn how to provide meaningful and effective Safety Trainings
  • Learn the day to day "Roles & Responsibilities" of a Health & Safety Professional
  • Learn how and where to research questions on Health & Safety issues
  • Learn how to conduct thorough Incident Investigations and Develop Effective Corrective Actions
  • Learn how to conduct "root cause analysis"
  • Learn how to manage injury / workman comp cases effectively to prevent taking unnecessary recordables, restricted duty and loss time recordables that can have a negative affect on your company's EMR rating.
  • Learn "Persuasion Skills - Influence without Authority”
  • Learn how to balance the needs of safety and protection without compromising either

  • And much more

You will also receive specialty training in important areas that will include:

  • Fall Protection Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Hazard Recognition Training
  • Lockout / Tag Out Training (LOTO)
  • Scaffolding Inspection
  • Rigging Basics
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Hazardous Communication
  • Mobile Equipment Safety Awareness
  • Heavy Equipment Safety Awareness
  • Trenching / Excavation Safety Awareness
  • Crane Safety Awareness

  • And Much More

In addition, you will never be left to fend for yourself thanks to our “EXCLUSIVE 24/7 SUPPORT PROGRAM”. When you have a problem, you can call our hotline, or email your assigned coach to assist you in your moments of need to help you through the day to day challenges when needed. NO OTHER PROGRAM offers this service and it’s “FREE” to all our attendees that successfully complete our program.

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