Courageous Safety & Health Leadership Training Course Now Available.

Everyone, from the company owner to the experienced foreman and the new trainee/apprentice, needs to own safety and be a "The Safety Leader". The Valericela "Courageous Health & Safety Leadership Training Program" is designed to introduce construction workers, particularly those with supervisory responsibilities such as a foremen, to safety leadership principles and give them the skills to be a safety leader who can create and sustain safe and productive jobsites.

Your behaviour, as a leader and the guidance and expectations that you set has to be consistent to ensure that every worker goes home safe and healthy every day.

As managers in organizations, we often have high expectations for changes we want to make to get to this "ZERO HARM / INCIDENTS" state, but most of us are not willing to take it seriously enough to make all the changes in ourselves first.

Ask yourself, “If everyone in my organization behaved exactly as I do, how safe would my organization be?

Good leaders build a safety culture, maintain people’s trust, control risks and position the organization for enhanced success. We have the opportunity to improve safety performance if we have the right attitude.

We must believe that we can create safe, incident-free workplaces, and we must work toward this objective. Yes, zero is possible, and we can achieve that with committed, engaged leadership in our organizations..

If you are looking for an effective way to change the safety culture and safety climate in your organization, then The Valericela "Courageous Health & Safety Leadership Training Program" is they key to opening that door for your organization.

Valericela also offers a version specific to the needs of your front line work force.

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