Become a Successful Safety Professional

Written by Michael Schwab

At last a book written by experienced, successful health and safety professionals that will help to guide down the road to becoming an effective and successful health and safety professional.

This book is a 'must read' for anyone considering a career as a 'health and safety professional' as well as those already in the business looking to enhance their knowledge and make themselves more attractive to prospective employers. You won't get this type of information from any university courses.

Here are just some of the many benefits of this book. This book ;

• Is written for health and safety professionals by experienced health and safety professionals.
• Is written in an easy to read, no nonsense style.
• Has numerous practical examples, illustrations, cautions and recommendations.
• Will help you to Identify and Control Safety Hazards on Construction Sites to Reduce Worker Injuries and Increase Productivity.
• Will help you to dramatically reduce costly worker injuries and job delays.
• Includes many essential topics for successfully managing safety on all types of jobs and projects which aren't included in other similar books.
• Prepares you for all working environments including OSHA & MSHA.
• Delivers effective strategies to help you balance the unique needs of both production and safety without compromising either.
• Introduce you to an effective methodology that will help you identify potential road blocks and create solutions that will help correct safety problems before the work begins, and avoid stoppage in work.
• Will help you confidently take the actions needed to help your team increase productivity and create a more cost-effective project.
• Deals with practical everyday situations and provides you with effective remedies for managing safety on all types of jobs or projects.

By reading this book and using the information provided in this book safety professionals will know how to begin an effective and successful career as a safety professional. In addition, the benefits from this book can be enjoyed by existing health and safety professionals and avoid some of the many problems encountered everyday as well as help elevate their careers to the next level.

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